Update Your Home for the Best Work-Life Balance

<strong>Update Your Home for the Best Work-Life Balance</strong>

It’s no secret that the lines between work and home life have become blurred in recent years. With more people working from home than ever before, it’s critical to create a productive and relaxing space. Healthitude outlines some tips for updating your home for use as a workplace and a place for relaxation.

Tweak Your Home Office for Maximum Productivity

A cluttered and unorganized home office can be a significant distraction and decrease productivity. Declutter your desk by getting rid of unused items and organizing what remains into piles of similar items. Consider adding storage solutions such as shelving or a cabinet to hide supplies and paperwork to maximize your workspace. Also, choose a comfortable chair that supports your spine and encourages good posture. If possible, try to have natural light coming into your office space to help reduce eyestrain.

Sometimes, the line between work and home can become blurred, leading to a feeling of constantly being on the job. One way to improve your work-life balance is to remodel your home to create a dedicated workspace. You can design an office that fits your specific needs and gives you the privacy and quiet you need to be productive, whether that’s working remotely or taking online courses that lead to a degree like an MBA to either get a leg up at your current job or start a new career. In addition, you can make sure that your office is separate from the rest of your living space, so that when you walk in the door at the end of the day, you can leave work behind. As an added bonus, these sorts of improvements can also raise the appraisal value of your home, so it’s a win-win!

**Below I have included examples from my own house in the article. I designed and helped with the building of these spaces. – Karla Mohtashemi**

Add Plants for a Relaxing Ambiance

Indoor plants are not only beautiful additions to any room, but Better Homes & Gardens notes that they also have many benefits for your health. Adding plants to your home office can help reduce stress levels, improve air quality, and promote creativity. Some great options for indoor plants include snake or spider plants and succulents. 

Make Your Bedroom a Sleep Sanctuary

Getting a good night’s sleep is vital for your physical and mental health. To turn your bedroom into a sleep sanctuary, start by decluttering and removing any electronics from the space. Choose calming colors like blue or green for the walls and bedding, and add natural elements such as wood furniture and plants. Consider adding a comfortable mattress and, as HGTV suggests, investing in blackout curtains to reduce light exposure in the evening.

Create a Wellness Space

A wellness space is a great way to incorporate relaxation and self-care into your home. This could be an area where you practice meditation or yoga or simply a place where you can go to relax. To create a wellness space, choose a calming color palette. Then, add some personal touches such as candles, crystals, or plants.

Don’t forget to incorporate your hobbies into your home. Having a hobby is a great way to disconnect from work mode and release stress. It can also be a creative outlet, boost your mood, and make you feel more energized. This update can be as simple as a card table in the corner for puzzles or crafts.

Repair or Replace Old or Damaged Furniture

If your furniture is old or damaged, it can make your home feel dated and uninviting. To give your space a fresh look, consider repairing or replacing old furniture. This could include reupholstering chairs, getting new slipcovers for sofas, or refinishing tables.

Research and read reviews online to find reputable furniture cleaning services to ensure you’re getting quality work. The price for repairs can vary depending on the size and type of furniture as well as the fabric you choose. If you don’t have the time or budget for repairs, consider buying new pieces that fit your style.

Update Your Home for Wellness

Minor changes to your home can have a big impact on your stress levels and overall well-being. By limiting distractions with a dedicated space for working or even taking online classes, decluttering, adding plants, and creating a wellness space, you can create a calm and inviting environment. Healthitude is committed to helping you learn ways to stop struggling with your unhealthy obsession with food. Contact us today to learn more! 206-714-6894