We are Vagabonds.

We are the wanderers who are not lost.

We have found our path in Buhurt; full contact, armored combat. This road has many twists and turns; it can lead you around the world, and give you experiences you’d never imagine.

What path are you destined for?

Will you be one of the great swordfighters of the modern era, renowned worldwide for your skills and tenacity? Are you a bastion for those around you, will you protect your teammates like family? When the blows rain down in battle, will you be there to block them? Are you daring enough to fight alone in the duels, and have you got the mettle for the melees? Come find yourself in combat.

Has something satisfying has been missing from life? Does modern life provide all you need to thrive, and yet you want something more?

Let yourself be a Vagabond. Wander with your warrior spirit, come find the beauty in a battle that has been lost to the ages. Shed the weight of the world, and feel the weight of a sword in hand.

To learn more about our group, please visit our website.

Our classes are held at Avalon Gym Mondays and Thursdays. Fees for classes are paid directly to the teacher. Please email to reserve space. Write Vagabonds in the subject line.

Once the Online Waiver is filled out, address, instructions and paperwork will be e-mailed to you.