Thrill The World Event

Thrill The World Event

What is it?

Thrill The World is a global community project that inspires others to break down barriers by connecting people of all religions, races, political persuasions, and economic backgrounds.  The organization contributes to the growth of humanity by encouraging others to step up as leaders, visionaries, and creators.  Role models around the world organize local dance groups and join other nations to perform at the same time and to raise money for charity.”

Dance has been a form of communication, exercise and pleasure for a very long time. There have been paintings of people dancing from 3300 BCE! Most of us know that dance has multiple health benefits, not limited to “improved condition of your heart and lungs, increased muscular strength, endurance and motor fitness, increased aerobic fitness. improved muscle tone and strength.” See article here.

My daughter and I have danced in this particular event, taught the dance and even helped organize events. I am the co-organizer with Sheri Kinley of the Seattle Thrillers. We have been asked to dance at Bumbershoot, movie openings, Crypticon, the grand opening of the MOPOP, celebrations, met and danced with an original dancer in the Thriller video, AND Michael Jackson’s nephew. We have even danced at the Seattle symphony! Receiving free tickets is one of the perks of knowing this dance, but the real perk is the happy faces that always greet us in every performance! The people we teach are anywhere from 5 years old to 91, and the way that it is taught helps even those who have never danced before look awesome!

I simply love doing this and bringing joy to everyone.

Check out this fun performance!

I could go on and on, but I think I should probably just show you how to get involved. Watch this video series to learn the dance from the choreographer, who adapted the choreography in the original video to fit the six minute dance.

Download the dance script here. And find your local organization here.

Message me and let me know what you did!!