Free Iran

Free Iran

My heart is so broken.

I am sure you have heard the news, and the name. Mahsa Amini

As a Mother, I cannot imagine the pain of sending your beautiful daughter to visit her Uncle and burying her just a few days later, knowing she was brutalized, and murdered. I cry each time I think of this.

But crying in the bedroom will not help. We need to act.

What can we do, halfway around the world?

We can be her voice. Iran is fighting for basic human rights. We can be THEIR voice. I started this petition, and it is only one of several. I would love to have you sign one of these petitions here every day, please.

In WA state, this newly formed website my daughter created is a great place to start, if you want more information, wish to join a rally in Seattle, or would love to support Iranian owned businesses – Women Life Freedom Seattle.

The Voice of Iran is a great resource for you. Here is their Instagram, Facebook and Linktree. Please go to the Linktree to learn who they are and for updated information, templates for e-mails to send to officials, how to donate, to help the cause much more!

If you are not in Seattle, Middle East Matters on Instagram is constantly posting about new events all around the world.

If you wish to print your own posters, some have already been created by an Instagram group called From____iran for you, here.

Recently, a live stream support rally has been created here.

If all of that is too much for you, remember, Iranians have had their internet taken away, to keep the truth from being released. Iran just needs your voice.


As I said before, PLEASE sign and share petitions!!

You can repost this article.

If you would like to display the art that Kat and I created, inspired by art on the digital drive posted above, feel free to download it and put it on anything/everything. I’ve created posters, stickers and heat transfers for t-shirts. Download here.

Love music? You can listen to this beautiful song and download the words. Then nominate it by following these directions. If you want to see the video of the singer, it is still on Instagram, here (at least for now). Another singer has covered the song in English, here.

This is what I said when I nominated it: This is a beautiful, heartfelt piece that illustrates the struggle in Iran and the recent murder of Mahsa Amini. 43 years of oppression. Hopes and dreams murdered. Women subjugated and killed. Corrupt officials. And a country’s people silenced.

Shervin Hajipour, the writer and singer, was arrested for composing a song from protester’s tweets. Mahsa Amini deserved to live a long, wonderful life, but she was murdered by the “morality police”, for showing too much hair.
Hajipour honors her memory and the desire for a release from oppression. This song has become an anthem for the protests, and deserves to win.
My support goes to the Iranian people. Woman. Life. Freedom.

You can download the translation I found. My wonderful cousin helped me to clarify what might be confusing in each translation.

This phonetic pronunciation helps me to sing along, and the words, placed right next to each version, help me associate what I am singing, with the power of it’s message.

I created this video in honor of some of the young girls murdered by this regime.

We cannot allow tyranny to win. Women have fought this battle for so long. It’s beautiful to see the passion of the young men also standing beside us. I’m so proud of the youth of today.

My daughter and I thank you so much for your support. We are grateful.

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” Margaret Mead