Using Exercise For Back Pain Recovery

Using Exercise For Back Pain Recovery

Back pain can grind your day to a halt, leaving you stiff, exhausted, and unable to complete even the simplest of activities
For those who suffer from recurring back pain, finding ways to alleviate the suffering becomes of the utmost importance

Often, these sufferers turn to medication as a way to navigate through their day with as little discomfort as possible. But, truth be told, medication only masks the symptoms of an underlying problem that will only remain if not properly addressed.

More natural methods of treating back pain – such as back pain exercise – offer the opportunity to treat the fundamental issue; and the way in which it does this is by strengthening the back muscles. Often, back injury, and subsequently pain, is the result of weak back muscles that succumb to the stress of our lifestyles. A sedentary
work environment where you spend hours hunched over a desk, a job requiring heavy lifting, and anything in between can cause injury and trigger back pain if your muscles are not up to the challenge. Back pain exercise works to strengthen your body so that it can strongly and confidently stand up to daily abuses.

First and foremost, back pain exercise must be supervised closely by a doctor – either by your general practitioner, a physical therapist, or chiropractor. An experienced medical professional can skillfully tailor a back pain exercise program to address your specific needs and areas of concern. In this way you can work to remedy your existing injury and prevent future pain.

Your doctor may recommend a back pain exercise program of light aerobic exercise, including walking that will help limber joints and muscles. Further down the road, you may begin a weight lifting regime as part of your back pain exercise program that will help to strengthen muscles.

Additionally, part of strengthening the back, as any doctor will tell you, is strengthening the front. Your back is supported by a strong core of abdominal muscles. strengthening abdominal muscles will go a long way to alleviating back pain and preventing injury. To this end, your doctor may recommend a program of yoga or Pilates as part of your back pain exercise program that will work to strengthen and elongate core muscle groups thus providing stronger support for your back muscles.

Many doctors also consider a regimented stretching program to be an integral part of back pain exercise. Stretching keeps muscles limber and improves flexibility thus providing a line of defense against injury.

Back pain exercise should be an individual program specifically designed to alleviate your pain and heal your injury. With consistent effort and medical supervision you will find that your back pain subsides and you are living a much stronger, healthier life.

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