What is Healthitude?

What is Healthitude?

The irony is that the word attitude is derived from Latin aptitudo or “fitness.” Therefore, if we took one definition of Healthy and the derivation of Attitude, I suppose we could call this Fit Fitness. So why, you ask, are we creating a website for Fit Fitness?

It all started years ago. (Travel with us to the days of yesteryear – insert montage). I honestly thought we were fairly active people, however, we found as our lives became more hectic. it became more difficult to stay healthy and fit. We also noticed countless reports in the news about nutrition and exercise that contradicted each other. It was all very confusing!

Around this time Kat was working on a report for school. She decided to do her report on McDonalds (previously her favorite restaurant). What she found during her research disturbed her greatly. She vowed never to eat there again. That is when we came together and decided we would try to live the healthiest lifestyle we could. However, with all of the conflicting reports, we really did not know exactly what that meant! That is when we realized that the only way to clear our confusion was to look at the research ourselves.

So began the quest reading every book on nutrition we could get; trying work-out after work-out, scouring the internet for countless hours, trying to learn all we could about proper nutrition, exercise and well-being. A lot of what we found was very distressing.

Now, as most people do when they learn something they are excited about, we began to share the information we’d found with family and friends. After a while, we were finding that our friends and family started coming to us with questions about healthy eating habits, exercise and general well-being. If we didn’t have the answer, we would immediately begin the search. It had become a mission for our family to learn all we could and share the knowledge we had gained with anyone that wanted to know.

(Montage ends – cut to present day) That is when we decided to start healthitude.com – to share with everyone the information and tools that we have found successful in our journey to lead the happiest and healthiest lifestyle we can.

And that is what it is all about! We have found that being truly healthy has to be a life style, based on your attitude. We hope we can help anyone that might need a healthitude adjustment! Welcome to your Healthy Attitude! (Sounds better than Fit Fitness, doesn’t it?)