Where fitness and function meet, to take you outside your comfort zone and into the real world.
Go wild with us!

Our little tagline #GetFitToDoShit is more than just a cute expression. We started the Healthitude Wild Adventure Club to foster a sense of community. The intention was to take our bodies into the real world, where we connect people with and translate our clients’ fitness results into fun, community, indoor and outdoor activities. It worked so well, and our demand has been so high, that we thought why not expand our offerings and provide these opportunities to at least once a month!

Our biggest motivator in life is not, or shouldn’t be, to look good, but rather to function well and live life to its fullest. Healthitude Wild was created to introduce you to the amazing things your body and mind are capable of when provided with the right tools, compassionate instruction, and community support.

We seek to challenge you, at all levels! Our programs are designed with the beginner in mind. When we both started our fitness and adventure journeys, we were far from experts, and we are still continuously learning. We hope to make both fitness and the outdoors accessible to the complete beginner. We don’t believe in barriers, but rather opportunities to challenge ourselves.

We decided to incorporate artistic expression into our holistic coaching program at Healthitude LLC because we recognize the profound impact it can have on individuals’ well-being and overall health. Art is not merely a form of creative expression; it also has tangible effects on the brain and neurochemistry that align with our mission to empower individuals to live their best lives.

Engaging in artistic activities triggers the release of endorphins, reducing stress and anxiety. It also boosts dopamine production, enhancing motivation and cognitive function. Art provides a healthy outlet for emotions, promotes mindfulness, and fosters community. By including art, we empower individuals to improve their overall health while cultivating creativity and resilience.

In our coaching program at Healthitude LLC, we include altruistic endeavors, like supporting each other during workouts and acts of kindness.  These actions foster a sense of community, boost motivation, release oxytocin (the “love hormone”), and enhance self-esteem. By helping others, individuals reduce stress, gain a broader perspective, and create a positive feedback loop of happiness, aligning with our mission to empower personal well-being while spreading joy and kindness.

About Us

We are a Mother daughter powerhouse team committed to our Mission! We have spoken publicly at schools, seminars and live on radio and television. If you are interested in bringing us to your event to motivate, inspire and/or teach, please fill out the contact form.

Kat Reese, Your Guide to Adventure
B.A. Anthropology, minor Environmental Science
Wilderness First Responder
200hr Certified Yoga Instructor
Certified P90X Instructor
Ultimate Portion Fix Master Coach

Kat has been a fitness coach for the several years, teaching everything from P90X, to yoga, to circus acrobatics, aerial fitness, circus arts and environmental sciences. Her diverse movement vocabulary enables her to creatively problem solve, and offer a comprehensive perspective.

She has taught environmental science to youth and adults, specializing in the Pacific Northwest ecology, as well as incorporating indigenous perspectives and traditional ecological knowledge into her teachings.

Kat seeks to educate and understand about our human body and our place as an integral part of the natural world.

Karla, your facilitator for fun and function
B.A. Fine Arts, Commercial Arts, minor in Science
The desire to help others drew her to open Healthitude LLC. Since then, Karla has been certified in several health related disciplines.
Specialist in Fitness Nutrition by ISSA
Corrective Exercise by ISSA
IAP Certified Life Coach
Gold level Ballroom Dance Instructor
2B Mindset Mentor
Ultimate Portion Fix Master Coach
Certified P90X Instructor
Certified Insanity Instructor
Certified Core De Force Instructor
Certified Cize Live Instructor
Bellydance Fitness Instructor
Aerial Fitness Instructor
This continuing education has helped her create an environment where fitness is predicated by nutrition.

Coach Karla received her B.A. in 1988. Karla’s degree was in Fine and Commercial Arts, with a minor in Science. Feeling drawn between both medicine, and Fine Arts was challenging. Pre-med classes held her interest, yet her desire to create was strong as well. Karla worked in Fine and Commercial Arts for 35+ years, and still teaches and produces art.

Using those skills to craft a program that not only helps you get fit, but awakens your “inner creative” results in a fun, journey toward confidence. Because of this, Healthitude LLC has fostered a community atmosphere, where you will feel safe to be yourself.

Karla has been Coaching, training and teaching (in different capacities) for over 30 years.

Her new book will be available soon.

Watch for information, coming soon.

Both Kat and Karla found acting onstage and screen stimulating, and enjoy entertaining. Speaking engagements tend to be comedic and interactive.

With Healthitude LLC, Arts, Coaching and Community combine to bring you results.

You belong here.