Our Offerings

Are you looking for exciting and progressive one-on-one training? Are you a human? Do you have a body? Between our two main trainers, we have a variety of options to help you better your health and wellbeing. Check out our trainer offerings below!

decorationleafIn-Person Training

Do you live in the greater Seattle or Vancouver, WA area? Then you might want to consider Personal Training by one of our fitness and lifestyle coaches at Healthitude.


decorationleafVirtual Training

We have made it folks, all the way into the 21st Century. The human race has encountered many struggles on the way, but here we are. With sliding glass doors, automobiles that run off food waste and these light boxes that allow us to communicate over millions of miles! Join us in this new era and enjoy personalized virtual training with real coaches. Our coaches have mastered the art of virtual assessment and encouragement.

We will assess your goals and lifestyle and pair you with one of our proven programs.

decorationleafYou’ll receive daily encouragement, weekly tips, and check-ins.


decorationleafHybrid Training

So, you’re one of those. You want it all huh? Well, so do we, so I suppose we’ll give it to ya. Have a busy schedule? Want a daily personal trainer but it’s just not in the budget? Always traveling and can’t stay at one gym?

decorationleafAn expert mixture of in person and virtual training might just be your perfect fit.

decorationleafWe will match you with one of our tried and true programs and supplement with one-on-one sessions.

decorationleafYou will get the benefit of both sides.

Current In Person Locations
Equilibrium Fitness, West Seattle