We strive to ignite your ambitions by providing specific tools to help you create personal abundance.

decorationleafOur programs are not revolutionary. There is nothing surprising about exercise and eating healthy. What makes our coaching unique is that we’ve been there. We know what worked for us and what can work for you. We aren’t robots, we know that motivation is hard, eating isn’t always strictly to fuel your body, and you’ll encounter struggles no matter your lifestyle. We are here to support you through those struggles and find balance.

decorationleafHealthitude’s journey has been one of plenty mistakes and successes. These have taught us how to teach others about living healthy, fulfilling lives, and helped us to spread a revolution of health. Our mission is to share this knowledge with you, and support you on your journey in creating the life you deserve.

buttonleafOur Story

UsnTonysmallerThe photo on the right is us with P90X³ creator, Tony Horton. You may see healthy, happy people; however, it wasn’t always that way. Just like everyone else we knew who settled down, we fell into the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) and lifestyle. Well folks, it got scary. We suffered through feeling unfulfilled, gaining and losing weight and struggling with negative, oppressive thoughts, until we hit rock bottom.

Kat and I have both struggled with eating disorders and many of the issues that come with negative self talk. We don’t want anyone to feel alone and are here, even if it is just to talk. If you know anyone suffering, please talk with them. Give them our site and encourage them to reach out to us.

We will do our best to help!